Good ole’ time local pub

November 15th, 2016

Good ole' time local pub

There we were on a sun soaked beach in Greece in August this year when it dawned on us what we loved the most – we loved having friends over, the company of great people, great food and a few drinks! We loved and missed the feel of walking into a good ole’ local pub where everybody knows your name and so the Black Lion dream was born.

It’s amazing what you can achieve in such a short space of time when your passion kicks in. It’s taken long nights and early starts (and some all nighters) to get the Black Bar & Eatery up and running but it took the dream of a good ole’ time local pub to fuel us on.

Our aim is for the Black Lion to be a warm welcome Рcorny as it sounds, a place where you walk in strangers and walk out friends. We want people to feel comfortable is they turn up on their own or with a huge group. Yes, we want great food and a buzzing restaurant but we also want chats over a quiet pint and the craic at the bar!

I hope, as you pop in to see us, that you’ll feel every bit as welcome as we planned on that sunny day in Greece!